Thousand Insights

Thousand Insights started as a way to share ideas and personal thoughts on topics ranging from leadership skills and executive coaching to time management and problem solving.

We strive to provide information that is complete and thorough. We also wish to raise awareness and questions in the reader, so we urge all who read us to actively engage with us by writing comments and sharing your own thoughts on the various subjects of our articles.

Thank you all for reading and providing feedback.


The information on this site expresses exclusively the personal views of the authors and none other. It also represents a distilled view of many sources of information both online and offline as well as the result of our discussions on these topics. Where a significant portion of a post or article is based on a specific source of information, those sources are credited in the actual post or article.


We follow a strict policy that all pictures in the site should either be created by the authors or obtained under a Creative Commons (or similar) license. To that end, we mostly use Flickr, because it’s easy to search for pictures that comply with our policy (shared under a Creative Commons license). All pictures are duly credited to the original author with a link to the page where the picture was obtained.

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