Can You Say ‘No’?

Here’s a very interesting article by JD Meier.

I was reading this post and something really caught my attention – avoiding a situation if it’s not right for you. I know that being successful is about playing to your strengths and avoiding situations not suited for you – it requires large amounts of personal energy and the results are never as good.

Lately, I have found myself working on a couple of projects that are not in my field of expertise. Most of the time I felt like a fish out of water. For the most part the projects weren’t exciting to me and I wasn’t that happy with the end results.

Sometimes you really can’t avoid doing something you’re not particularly good at, but as long as it is a conscious choice and not something you get pulled into.

The first step should be to understand what are the things you really enjoy doing and what are the things that just drain your energy. This is an introspection that you should do once in a while just to understand if your priorities have changed or not (people change, interests change, goals change, priorities change).

Once you have this understanding, it’s time to pursue those projects that are aligned with your strengths and avoid those that are not suited for you.


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